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Dec 30, 2012 10:30am PST
home base i've known in the city, so it's awesome. >> you recently challenged yourself to write seven songs in seven days. >> yeah. >> tell us about that process. >> a friend of mine, jessie payo, who you all just actually had in here, we were talking about songwriting and just developing a practice, you know? and jessie threw out the idea, "have you ever done seven songs in seven days?" at first, i was like, "that just sounds like a lot of pressure to put on me," you know, 'cause in the past i've been too much of a perfectionist, you know, which can really put up way too many blockades. so, i moved them out of the way, and when i was back in austin for south by, i did seven in seven days. out of the seven -- you know, you do seven songs in seven days, half of them are like, "okay, there's something here," you know? three of them, they'll probably get composted and something new will grow out of it. >> the other ones, keep in your pocket. you never know how they'll kind of evolve. >> you never know, man, how it's gonna pop up, so... >> also, i know one of the things that you do,
Dec 23, 2012 10:30am PST
use all of that. >> did this all start when you were on the east coast in new york city as far as the street performing and stuff? >> yeah, street performing started in new york. i would juggle. like, companies would hire me to juggle out in front. like, in the middle of winter, i was dressed like a -- you know, all the way, juggling. i don't even know who -- i was juggling for myself. i become a better juggler. i don't think i helped the companies much, but, uh... i was a bucket player. i played, like, the buckets, you know, and did stuff like that, and i'm always able to just kind of go back to juggling. >> it sounds like you're very involved with, you know, helping kids, educating kids. was that an experience that you had as a kid? were you around somebody that was sort of a mentor for you? >> yeah. i've always had a mentor. i've always looked up to somebody, you know, and i always loved that -- you know, that guy that came in with, like, the puppets and was like, "you can do it, too." i'm like, "me? i can do it, too?" yes. so i'm very much in the "you can do it, too" business. >>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2